Our Shop's Story:

Our modest little shop started in 2011, it was a tough time to start a discount shop in the area that we are from because the competion was strong. It is what we have always been passionate about though so we stuck it out through rough times.

Now our business is doing really well and we have quite a staff of talented individuals working for the company that we are more than just proud of their work ethic.

Come give us a shot for your next service or repair that you have and we can promise you that at Jesse Britt's, we aim to please and you will not be disappointed.

Auto Repair | Jesse Britt's Automotive | Waco, Tx


customer reviews | Auto Repair

"Man, Jesse took my car and had it fixxed and back to me in the same day, even dropped it off to me at work! All of my friends are super jealous and constantly asking me where I got the work done. Thanks Jesse!!"

Johnny Tuwills

customer reviews | auto repair

"I had an old junker that I really thought I would never be able to get running again. Jesse Britt's got the work done for me so cheap I couldn't say no!! Great work on top of that!"

Jonny Detriot

customer reviews | auto repair

We have an excellent team for our staff here at Real Custom Rides. That total amount of combined experience these guys have is at 40+ hours, it's almost ridiculous.

They work hard and are extremely proud of all the custom work they do here and you will see that in the work they produce.

We want you to come see for yourself.

customer reviews | auto repair